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“The Rag Factory” exhibition of the Italian, French, Japanese, Austrian and U.S. artists

London – From March 7th to 20th, 2013, “The Rag Factory” will host the exhibition of the Italian artists Giovanna Andreassi, Maddalena Bonetti, Fiorenza Canestrari, Elena Migliorisi, Tommaso Napolitano and Maurizio Sartori, as well as the works of Mirène Geninet, from France, Yoko Okuyama from Japan, Thomas di Giacco from the US, along with Monika Bidner, Maria Gruber and Roswitha Schwarzbauer from Austria.

The idea behind the “London Open Art” exhibition stemmed from two established artists, Fiorenza Canestrari – from the Sociocultural Association “ApertoArte” in Verona, Italy – and Riccardo Freggia – from the Photographic Studio “Riccardo Freggia Photography” in London.

Their shared passion for art moved them to feel the same need: to present a display of artworks with an international scope, produced by well-known, talented artists to the British public. By combining painting, photography, ceramics and installations, we strive to show how creativity, in whichever medium, shape, or form, can fulfill that inner desire for beauty, that aesthetic satisfaction that we all long for.

Our fascination with people from different cultures living together in harmony led us to get on boards artists from different continents and invite them to work side by side. Given that artists are “World Citizens” by nature, what better chance than this event?

There will also be a young Italian musician, Samuele Rossini, who will be performing at the piano with the repertoire of her last album.

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